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Service and Repair

Why replace your old sound generator with a new one when you can repair for a fraction of the cost. We recommend rebuilding your old sould generator vs. replacing because it can save you the customer a considerable amount of money. The competition prefers that you replace it every time you require maintenance to be done.


We will:

  • Breakdown your old sound generators
  • Inspect vital components to see what need to be re-machined or replaced
  • Give customer our evaluation, recomendation, and quotation on repairs or replacements before repairs are made


If you require replacement bell sections for existing installations, we can also provide this service.



ACS Compatability

ACS offers all the mentioned services for several major sonic horn brands. Give us a call and see if we can help you with all your needs!



On Site Consulting and Training


ACS can visit your site and let you know if your situation is right for sonic horn use. We can also advise the size, location, and mounting of sonic horns at your facility.


ACS also offers on site training of plant personnel for existing horn installations. This service includes maintenance, operation, and trouble shooting. Call us today to give your employees the best training for your specific products.


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