Sonic Horn

The Magnum acoustic cleaner from ACS uses compressed air to flex a titanium diaphragm to produce pressure pulses that are amplified by the bell. The resulting low-frequency high-energy sound waves that are emitted resonate and dislodge particulate deposits. The displaced particulate deposits are then removed by gravity and/or gas flow.

Advantages of Magnum Model

  • Low Initial Investment
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Low Operational Cost
  • No Structural Damage
  • No Mechanical Wear on Equipment Surfaces
  • No Corrosion or Blockage
  • Cleaning of Inaccessible Parts
  • Continuous Plant Operation
  • Design & Installation Expertise from the ACS Professionals

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Fundamental Freq75 Hz
Output Power142 db
Weight119 lbs
Length63 inches
Air RequirementsPressure - 90 PSI
Consumption - 73 SCFM
BoilersPrevents particulate deposit build-up and increases heat transfer efficiency
  • Distribution plate plugging
  • Collecting plate build-up
  • Electrode build-up
  • Hopper pluggage
  • Complete elimination of tumbling hammer rapping systems
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)Prevents deposit build-up on catalyst modules
EconomizersPrevents deposit build up on boiler tubes
  • Short bag life
  • High pressure drop
  • Hopper pluggage
Hoppers / SilosPrevents:
  • Plugging
  • Material flow problems such as bridging and ratholing
  • Deposit build-up
Ductwork / BreechingPrevents:
  • Excessive fallout
  • Deposit build-up
FansPrevents out of balance conditions
Air Pre-HeatersPrevents particulate deposit build-up and increases heat transfer efficiency


Acoustic cleaners provide an effective solution to buildup and material flow problems within a wide range of industries.

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Our acoustic cleaners cover a wide range of applications. Check out these pictures of some of our installations.

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