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Experience that dates back to 1983.

Over the years at ACS we have learned a lot about cleaning with sound. Here are some highlights of the knowledge we have gained as a company and some entry level insight to what acoustic cleaning entails.

Cleaning With Sound

Audiosonic acoustic cleaning is a non-intrusive technology designed to remove particulate buildup of dry materials in many industrial applications. Acoustic cleaners manufactured by ACS provide a highly efficient, cost-effective solution to eliminate buildup, blockage, and thermal transfer problems in a variety of industries.

The Fundamentals

ACS acoustic cleaners are simple in modular construction. They feature two basic components, bells for maximum output efficiency and a sound generator. Acoustic cleaners are pneumatically operated to produce low frequency, high energy sound waves. Each model horn produces different frequencies based on the size and shape of the bell. We use these varying frequencies and outputs to select the correct cleaner for each application.

How It Works

The function of an acoustic cleaner is simple, compressed air is introduced through a specific orifice and causes the titanium diaphragm to flex. The flexing causes a pressure pulse to be produced that is then amplified by the bell. The length and flare constant of the bell is what determines the fundamental frequency of each specific cleaner.

The sound pressure produced by the bell causes particulate deposits to resonate and dislodge. Once dislodged, the material is removed by gravity and/or gas flow, depending on the application. Acoustic cleaning is a non-intrusive technology designed to remove particulate ash, dust, powder or any other dry material casing buildup blockage, or thermal transfer problems.

Acoustic cleaners are effective in a wide range of applications; therefore, they are offered in various frequencies and sizes. The lower the fundamental frequency the greater the cleaning area as well as the physical size of the unit.


Acoustic cleaners provide an effective solution to buildup and material flow problems within a wide range of industries.

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Our acoustic cleaners cover a wide range of applications. Check out these pictures of some of our installations.

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