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Other Applications

ID Fans

Acoustic Cleaning Systems' sonic horns can be applied to eliminate out of balance conditions, clean inaccessible parts, create a uniform cleaning pattern, and reduce the frequency of manual cleaning. Acoustic cleaning may also reduce fan horsepower requirements.



Acoustic energy is a successful way to eliminate unwanted buildup on walls of spray dryers and reduce product cave-in's. Sonic horns also aid in the discharge of products from RVDs (rotary vacuum dryers), tumbling, fluidbed, tray, and pan dryers.



Acoustic Cleaning Systems sonic horns have been applied to eliminate ratholing problems, bridging problems occurring in hoppers, and buildup on vertical walls. Sonic horns are successful in fluidizing a variety of products ranging from flour to fly ash. Other advantages include increased product flow and elimination of structural damage caused by vibrators.


Custom Applications

Acoustic Cleaning Systems is continually searching for new applications for sonic horns. Let our technical team analyze the factors specific to your application. With our extensive field experience in the application and installation of acoustic cleaners, we will custom design an acoustic cleaning system that is most effective for you



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