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Baghouses – ESP

Electrostatic Precipitators


Electrostatic PrecipitatorSonic horns are proven alternatives to supplement and in some cases completely replace mechanical rapping systems on collection surfaces, electrode wires, and inlet distribution plates. Elimination of hopper pluggage can be achieved by installing units in the hoppers. Acoustic cleaning improves efficiency, increases precipitator uptime, reduces precipitator maintenance, and may prevent grounding problems. Sonic horns also effectively clean turning vanes.



Baghouse Fabric Filters/Elements


Baghouse DiagramSonic horns are a proven method for cleaning in reverse air and shaker type baghouses. The units are effective in reducing pressure drop, increasing bag life, decreasing manual cleaning, and reducing hopper pluggage. There are also potential applications in Pulse Jet Collectors – Cleaning of the elements if the compartments can be isolated – and in the hoppers.





AC-943 on a Baghouse AC-943 on a Baghouse