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Acoustic Cleaning Systems, Inc.’s experience dates back to 1983 and the key personnel have over 70 years combined experience in the utility industry and the application of acoustic cleaners in a variety of applications. ACS can supply or design an acoustic cleaning system to suit your requirements. From design to repair and everything in between, we simply blow our competition away.

Our Story

Acoustic Cleaning Systems, Inc. was started to be an affordable yet reliable supplier of acoustic cleaners to the marketplace. Company owner Paul Argo began his career at Drayton Corporation in 1989 when he was hired to promote the Drayton Corporation acoustic cleaner product line. The company’s primary focus was on combustion processes within the utility and pulp and paper industries. As the business grew, Paul got more involved with the day to operational side of the business.

In 1999, Drayton Corporations owners (Jeff and Jake Shelton) decided to sell the acoustic cleaner product line to BHA Group from Kansas City, MO. BHA contracted Drayton Corporation to continue manufacturing the acoustic cleaner product line for BHA. Paul was the main person responsible for handling the manufacturing of the acoustic cleaners required by BHA.

The following year (2000) what was remaining of Drayton Corporation was sold to Boiler Tube Co. of America (BTA). BTA honored the contract between Drayton and BHA and continued manufacturing the acoustic cleaners for BHA. In 2001 BTA made the decision to close the Jacksonville, AL operation.

In 2003, Paul decided to form his own acoustic cleaner business and that was the start of Acoustic Cleaning Systems, Inc. as we know it today. Since inception, Acoustic Cleaning Systems, Inc. has grown every year and is now the market leader for acoustic cleaners in the U.S.A. Since 2007, ACS has secured more SCR OEM projects in the U.S.A. than any other acoustic cleaner manufacturer and continues to support the acoustic cleaner spare parts business among U.S. customers as well as the international marketplace.

Key Personnel

Anthony Cofield- Anthony provides engineering and quality submittals for major OEM projects. He also generates CAD drawings, product literature, and website updates. He has over 10 years of experience with the ACS acoustic cleaner product line and 16 years of experience in CAD and QC disciplines.

Jake Shelton- Jake joined the ACS team in April of 2016 and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to ACS in the application of acoustic cleaners in all applications. His knowledge of the SCR business is invaluable.

Experience, integrity, innovation and application knowledge should make ACS the clear choice when choosing an acoustic cleaner supplier. We offer the complete package whether total acoustic cleaner systems, spare parts, or design solutions we are committed to being your acoustic cleaner supplier. Please give us an opportunity to blow you away!

Milestone Event: September 2014 Introduction of the Magnum Acoustic Cleaner

The Magnum acoustic cleaner was introduced in 2014 and has become the acoustic cleaner of choice for the U.S. SCR market as well as other large applications. The use of the Magnum has many benefits when compared to a standard 75hz of old. The bell is shorter and is much easier to insulate and lag into a reactor/application and since it can be insulated easier and more effectively it greatly reduces the possibility of buildup issues within the bell. Coupled with the fact that this acoustic cleaner is more powerful and can clean a larger area, clearly makes it the acoustic cleaner of choice.

Check out some of our recent customers and their projects.

B&W purchased (20) 75hz horns for City Utilities of Springfield.

B&W Consumers Energy purchased (8) 75hz horns for an SCR application at Campbell St.

Midwesco Filter Resources has an alliance with ACS, where ACS private labels horns for baghouse exclusivity. Midwesco has purchased well over $250,000.00 in sonic horns from ACS.

Dairyland Power Co-Op purchased (4) 75hz for an economizer application burning 100% PRB coal at JP Madgett.

Dairyland Power Co-Op purchased (3) 75hz horns for an economizer application at Genoa St.

Enerfab purchased (32) 75hz horns for Associated Electric Thomas Hill Energy Ctr.

Dayton Power & Light purchased (9) 75hz horns for additional layers of catalyst.

We Energies purchased (10) 75hz horns for additional layers of catalyst at Pleasant Prairie.

Conectiv-Edgemoor purchased (24) ESP-75 Horns to replace GE/BHA units on ESP applications.

Airtek purchased replacement bell sections for numerous plant locations within Dominion Va. Power and New Page Corporation.

Clyde Bergemann purchased (16) 75hz horns for boiler applications and a Ljungstrom Air Heater at Progress Energy-Robinson Station.

Neundorfer purchased (16) ESP-75 horns for an ESP at Texas Utility

Alliant Energy purchased ACS horns for boiler applications at Prairie Creek.

Fueltech Korea purchased over (60) ACS horns for various SCR applications in Korea.

Southern Illinois Power has utilized ACS for repairs on 48+ horns on SCR and ESP applications.

Solutia purchased ACS horns for heat exchanger applications.

Corning purchased ACS horn for proprietary applications.

Dupont Red Lion purchased ACS horns for boiler applications.

St. Mary’s Cement has purchased ACS horns for cement silos.

AEP Cardinal purchased (18) 75hz horns for additional layers of catalyst.

St. Petersburg Russia purchased 75hz and 230hz units for boiler applications.

AEP Gavin purchased (18) 75hz horns with commitment from AEP for units at Mountaineer along with Amos if they elect to add additional horns.

Dominion Mt. Storm purchased (12) 75hz Units for additional layers of catalyst.

Cargill Salt purchased horns for boiler applications.

Consumers Energy purchased (16) horns for a tubular air heater and an economizer application at Carnes Weadock St.

Medical Center Company purchased (14) replacement sound generators for Drayton horns as well as (1) 230hz horn.

Pacificorp purchased (3) 75hz horns for the Jim Bridger Power St. ESP application.

Dupont purchased (4) 75hz and (3) 230hz horns for various applications.

Haverhill North Petroleum Company (division on Sunoco) purchased (4) 75hz horns for a petroleum coke furnace.

Peco / FGC purchased (6) 75hz horns for an ESP application at Alliant Energy.

Core Metals purchased (3) horns for material handling applications.


Acoustic cleaners provide an effective solution to buildup and material flow problems within a wide range of industries.

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Our acoustic cleaners cover a wide range of applications. Check out these pictures of some of our installations.

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